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What is Lexdot?

Most likely the answer to the changing face of law and legal services...

Lexdot is a multi-provider fixed-fee legal and related services platform. The goal behind the Network is to promote transparency and support unrestricted growth opportunities for skilled professionals by creating direct and easy access to legal products and services. The platform offers competitive pricing on law related products from various providers, and the flexibility to adapt a service to a specific need. The module gives providers direct access to customized pages to clearly communicate their products, price, options and focus on projects and products that meet the everyday needs of users.

Our corporate vision is to redefining the future of expert freelancing.

Who Needs Lexdot?

Everyone can benefit from Lexdot since everybody will at some point need an expert service. The fixed-fee, packaged, defined and custom tasks are provided by Freelance Professionals, Legal Experts, Law Firms, Attorneys, Solicitors and legal support providers, including Notaries-Public, Legal Documents Assistants and Translators, Conveyancers, Commercial Managers, Negotiators, Lobbyist, Mediators, Translators, Transcribers, Writers, Legal Secretaries, Researchers, Technology Support Providers, Document Reviewers, Web developers, Expert Witnesses, Digital Freelancers and other law related service providers.

Why Lexdot?

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Join some of the world most experienced legal professionals, offer packaged services, legal tasks, legal forms and documents or from anywhere, incorporate companies and translate in your local language. Establish an online presence as a provider.
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Shop with confidence. Price and service transparency on packaged products enable customers make informed decisions about the nature of the legal service they require and helps the provider focus on simple tasks to achieve results..
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