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What is Lexdot?

what is Lexdot

As an expert in your field, you can choose to work with or for just one employer in a full-time job, or to work for several clients on various tasks at the same time as a freelancer. You can also choose to do a little bit of the later while doing a lot of the former. Lexdot is a freelance hub for lawyers and law-related services. Providers, working as independent contractors create profiles and submit proposals to listed tasks. Employers review proposals, communicate with the providers, and hire quality independent professionals from everywhere and for jobs, tasks or projects.  Lexdot is all about the power, independence and flexibility to do your thing at the price that is right for you.

Who Needs Lexdot?

Everybody; well almost everybody. At some point we may need an expert service. Lexdot makes it easy for employers to connect with clients and begin doing great work. Clients seek a wide variety of available projects across multiple categories of tasks provided by legal support providers like notaries-public, legal documents assistants, conveyancers, commercial managers, negotiators, lobbyist, mediators, Translators, transcribers, legal Writers, legal secretaries, legal researchers, document reviewers, technology and Web developers, expert witnesses, digital freelancers, legal experts, attorneys, solicitors and other law related service providers.

Why Join Lexdot?

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Join some of the world most experienced experts, establish an online presence as a provider and send proposal for tasks from anywhere. Get help to incorporate companies and translation in your local language.
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Search with confidence. Lexdot service transparency policies enable employers make informed decisions. We have measures in place to ensure that you find Lexdot a fair and reliable freelance marketplace.
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Clients can post jobs in hundreds of skill categories, paying top price for great work. Since you run your own business or pay for it, you can compare and choose your own clients, tasks or ideal provider.