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Creative intelligence has long been a prisoner of brick and mortar. Finally, there’s a platform for folks with a more innovative approach to problem solving…

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What is Lexdot?

Lexdot Legal Marketplace

Founded in Los Angeles, CA, Lexdot began as a global legal process outsourcing provider. It has now evolved into a platform where individuals and businesses anywhere can connect, collaborate and work effectively with closely related experts in the legal industry from everywhere on demand, anytime. Lexdot workforce is a pool of expert providers working as freelancers or independent contractors who want to scale up or cut back operations. Individuals and businesses post their tasks and hire quality professionals from everywhere.

Now headquartered in London. UK, the platform’s mission is to provide an answer to globalization of practices, cost reduction, round-the-clock availability, and evolvement of professionals. It creates cost-efficient solutions for clients, a better work-life balance for the professionals and great experiences for everyone.

We are committed to developing a stellar marketplace with viable options for the industry freelancers and users.

Who Needs Lexdot?

Lexdot is revolutionising legal industry by connecting individuals and businesses worldwide with specialist legal service providers on-demand. The website is tailored to meet the needs of individuals and businesses looking for expert services, virtual employees, outsource contractors or freelancers, anytime and anywhere.

Lexdot has been described as an ideal platform for professionals who want to sell their services by the hour, day or job, and retain greater control over their work schedule and earning potential.

If you find a better platform with flexible working providers for non-disclosure agreements, rental lease agreements, power of attorney, employment contracts, company registration, supply chain management, virtual assistance, online legal document jobs, etc., share with uset us!

revolutionising legal industry

Why Join Lexdot?

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Join some of the world most experienced experts, establish an online presence as a provider and send proposal for tasks from anywhere. Get help to incorporate companies and translation in your local language.
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Search with confidence. Lexdot service transparency policies enable employers make informed decisions. We have measures in place to ensure that you find Lexdot a fair and reliable freelance marketplace.
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Clients can post jobs in hundreds of skill categories, paying top price for great work. Since you run your own business or pay for it, you can compare and choose your own clients, tasks or ideal provider.