Fixed Price - Budget: £2000 -
General information for the business: Financial Planning business needs an up to date employment contract for its staff Kind of support: Legal Description of support work: We have an existing employment contract and addendum that need bringing together and updating with latest legislation. We are a small business with 2 directors and 4 staff. We may also need to provide a letter…
Client: Spent £-143 United Kingdom
Fixed Price - Budget: £400 -
Description of legal work: I recently set-up a new company and launched the new website a few months ago. I have recently received a CNA 1 form from a similar named company disputing the use of my business name and requesting that i change my business name. I need some initial advice about how to proceed with the matter as I am…
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Fixed Price - Budget: £1489 -
I have a grievance at work hearing coming up in which I have a chance to present my case against my line manager for the grievance I have sumitted. I would require questions that I can ask the impartial hearing manger ( like a cross examination ) in which they would agree to my grievance points. I have the opportunity to prepare…
Client: Spent £-143 United Kingdom
Fixed Price - Budget: £-150 -
Hi, I need 2 contract Law questions answered. It is based on construction but anybody with a decent knowledge of law would be able to answer. Shouldnt take long to answer . A person with knowledge of consideration, offer and acceptance, negligence, and liability can answer the question as well as a few clauses.
Client: Spent £-143 United Kingdom