Fixed Price - Budget: £2,000 -
General information for the business: Financial Planning business needs an up to date employment contract for its staff Kind of support: Legal Description of support work: We have an existing employment contract and addendum that need bringing together and updating with latest legislation. We are a small business with 2 directors and 4 staff. We may also need to provide a letter…
Client: Spent £-143 United Kingdom
Fixed Price - Budget: £400 -
Description of legal work: I recently set-up a new company and launched the new website a few months ago. I have recently received a CNA 1 form from a similar named company disputing the use of my business name and requesting that i change my business name. I need some initial advice about how to proceed with the matter as I am…
Client: Spent £0 Argentina
Fixed Price - Budget: £1,489 -
I have a grievance at work hearing coming up in which I have a chance to present my case against my line manager for the grievance I have sumitted. I would require questions that I can ask the impartial hearing manger ( like a cross examination ) in which they would agree to my grievance points. I have the opportunity to prepare…
Client: Spent £-143 United Kingdom
Fixed Price - Budget: £-150 -
Hi, I need 2 contract Law questions answered. It is based on construction but anybody with a decent knowledge of law would be able to answer. Shouldnt take long to answer . A person with knowledge of consideration, offer and acceptance, negligence, and liability can answer the question as well as a few clauses.
Client: Spent £-143 United Kingdom
Fixed Price - Budget: £50 -
We would like to contact a range of UK awarding bodies to collect contact information for their CEO, Quality Assurance Director/ Manager, Centre Support Manager (or similar). This will require, in all probability, telephone contact and explaining to them what we want and why we want to contact them. The general contact details will be supplied by me and an explanation of…
Client: Spent £0 United States of America