Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply as a Provider?

Lexdot providers do a variety of jobs ranging from lawyering to writing; and from translation to messenger services. Lexdot also provides law firms and the public with alternative choices for their legal needs. It connects freelance or contract lawyers and non-attorney legal professionals seeking to work for a law firms or on user-submitted projects under a fixed-price contract. Lexdot providers are solo-attorneys, contract lawyers, appearance attorneys, solicitors, paralegals, notaries-public, LDAs, virtual bookkeepers, court reporters, language translators, conveyancers, commercial managers, negotiators, mediators, transcribers, legal writers, legal secretaries, law researchers, technology support providers, web developers, expert witnesses, digital freelancers and other Law-related service providers.

Who are we servicing to?

Lexdot clients can be from anywhere in the world. Anyone from anywhere can post a task on Lexdot

What other services does Lexdot offer?

Services on Lexdot.com are offered by professional freelancer. Lexdot just facilitates them. Suffice this to say that numerous services, other than those listed above could be offered here.

How does Lexdot fight fraud?

We do not conduct background screening checks for providers, but reserve the right to do so if doubts exist or we get suspicious. Such a provider’s profile is deleted. We may ask for further identification before the release of huge sums of money. Additionally, we crosscheck the identity of many of the listed provider and may contact them to require additional documents. If you have a reason to doubt any provider, please let us know. Learn more about our Security & Trust.

What is our payment scheme?

We only support payment through Paypal. Providers are able to see when a job is funded, and clients review the completed work before releasing funds.We are working to support other payment platforms soon. may

How long does it take to process a payment?

The payment processing time could be as quickly as possible. As soon as client acknowledges satisfaction the earning is released.


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Do I have to register as a Provider?

Yes, if you want to offer your services and skills on the platform. When registering, please make sure you’ve entered the right email address. If you don’t receive our confirmationemail, please check your junk or spam folder first. After verifying your email, go to your dashboard and complete the rest of your information. Please endeavour to give a detailed description of your experience and skill in your page.

How much does it cost to post your job here?

It’s free to post your task here. In fact, you can post multiple tasks or projects

Do I need a license to work here?

Your central or local government might require you to obtain a business license or VAT to provide your servicee to the general public. Your jurisdiction may also require you to be qualified for the service you advertise here. Remember Lexdot does not investigate the background of Providers, but you must comply with our terms and the relevant laws. Please verify with you local authority since country  and local business requirements vary. Please be aware of any requirements or restrictions your government imposes on individuals, small businesses and their owners.

What services can I provide on Lexdot?

This markeplace is only for legal services, legal support services and law related products and technology. Other services may not be posted too. We reserve the right to delete any posting that is not in compliance with our Terms and Conditions. We do not have any limits on how many tasks a client can list.

Do I have to Join Lexdot to use the web site?

Not necessarily, but at some point, if you have to post a task want to work as a provider, client and provider information are required for the process.

Can I get legal advice here?

Lexdot is a tool to make connections and find the solution to a particular legal need or legal work.  We do not give legal advice or refer attorneys. You may contact an lawyer advertising here for legal advice at your discretion. You should look for a lawyer who is qualified and has experience dealing with the kind of legal problem you have. Consider issues relating to communication, competence, ethics, and fees. This is not within the realms of this marketplace.

How do I search for providers or jobs?

Browse or directory of providers or jobs. You may jobs being offered by multiple clients, and providers ready to work. To make sure you’re working with the best provider, always check the reviewsof the provider. If you have any questions about any task or service provider listed on this platform, get in touch with the client directly.

Who provides the srvices here?

Services are provided by freelancers worldwide. You work directly with the provider (freelancer). All transactions are concluded on their page.

Can I trust every provider?

It is difficult to guarantee the credibility and trustworthiness of any freelancer or even buyer on any platform. . We take further steps to verify our providers. A key decision for anyone here to make is to minimise any chances of fraud when in doubt and report a suspicious transaction to us or the law enforcement agencies.

Is it safe to work with any provider here?

You have to make that determination. We only require basic information and a valid email address for a usera to become providers on Lexdot. Notwithstanding, we do our best to keep it safe here. Reviews and product ratings may sometimes tell a lot about the provider. However, we encourage you to use good judgment and report any fraudulent activity on our site.