Fees And Charges

How does it feel to work comfortably, get paid reasonably and make payments, with little or no worries?


Lexdot is FREE to sign up, create a profile, look up skills and task you are interested in, upload a portfolio, receive task notifications, discuss project details with the employer, sent proposals for tasks and even enter contests. There are no hidden charges.

If you are subsequently hired to perform that service, we charge a commission fee as listed below, taken as a percentage of your earnings. This is charged when the service is completed by way as a deduction from the payment you receive.

It must be noted here that despite the use of the word, “employer” here providers who work as freelancer on Lexdot.com are correctly classified as an independent contractor for tax purposes. Providers may require that employees complete their profiles and/or pass identity checks before payments are released.

The following is the fee table:
Registration: FREE
Post a Task: FREE
Proposal Fee: FREE
Submit an Entry FREE
Directory Fees: FREE
Transaction Fees: FREE
Featured Fee: $20.00
Commission: 9%
Membership: FREE: (20 Proposals)

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It is also FREE to sign up and post a task on Lexdot.com. After signing in and posting a task, employers will receive proposals from providers, review the freelancer’s portfolio and discuss the details of the task. If the employer decides to refer the task to the provider, and the he/she accepts, we charge you a small percentage of the agreed fee known as commission.

The percentage is listed below and is subject to change, but not without notice. Any new fee will not affect the tasks or project already in progress. The fee is levied at the time the task is awarded and accepted by the provider and the percentage will include any overage payments. Since this is a transaction fee, it means the employer pays nothing more than the final agreed amount.

At the time when a proposal is accepted, employers must provide funds equivalent to the total agreed amount. The payment is protected by our payment system. Employers can only release the payment once you are happy with the work that has been delivered. An Employer may also cancel the task from his/ her dashboard up to 3 days after the task has been accepted, but not after the provider has started service. Please visit the security and Trust page for more information.

There’s a Money Back Guarantee for the agreed amount which entitles the employer to get his/her money back for up to 10 days from the date of delivery if he/she is not happy with the delivered task. Just contact us with details. It is also worth noting that due to the nature of some services, they cannot be withdrawn after delivery and therefore not eligible for a refund. It is also not enough that you have changed your mind. Employers Providers may require that providers  complete their profiles and/or pass identity checks before payments are released.

The following is the fee table:
Registration: FREE
Post a Task: FREE
Submit an Entry FREE
Transaction Fees: FREE
Default Credit Deposit: £10.00
(It’s always free to post. This credit is used towards payment for jobs.


Featured Post £10.00
Urgent Post £20.oo

Deposit Credit Package plans:
(These packages are credited to your balance. It’s always free to post. You can use the credit to pay for jobs.)
Basic: £50.00
Promise: £100.00
Premium: £300.00
Pro: £500.00