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Providers create profiles and submit proposals for review by the clients.


The agreement is between both parties. Lexdot makes the transaction effortless.


• Sign up to hire as a client. Check “hire” box.
• Create a detailed job post.
• Deposit credit to your account to fund your task.
• Wait for Providers to submit proposals to you.
• Or find the skills available and make a direct offer to a provider.
• Work together with the provider to create an agreement.
• Release payment only when benchmarks are met, or when you are satisfied.


• Sign up for free and create your profile.
• Give details of your skills, expertise, price, and schedule.
• Browse for posted tasks that suit your skills.
• Send proposals for the tasks directly to clients
• You may also wait to be contacted.
• Work with client to create an Agreement regarding the brief.
• Deliver as agreed and we’ll release your earning immediately.

  • It is FREE to sign up, create a profile and upload a portfolio.
  • It is FREE to sign up as a client or employer.
  • There is NO FEE until project is completed (unless your signed up for premium membership.
  • You can change your membership level anytime.
  • You are charged a small fee when a project is completed.

If you opt for one of our premium membership plans, there will be a recurring monthly fee on a monthly basis until you cancel or change your plan. You can cancel your membership at any time and our system will cease billing you at the end of your subscription period without any additional costs. See more details here.


If you are looking for work as a freelancer, Lexdot is a reliable place to begin. Signing up as a freelance provider is free. Lexdot providers are independent contractors as opposed to contractors. Writers, web designers, legal professionals and any individual with special skills can work on There’s no hidden cost or fee. Once your account is setup, you can browse tasks based on category. You can then submit proposals on tasks that are relevant to your skill set. You are allowed to send proposals on unlimited tasks, but you must be realistic. To keep the platform safe for everyone and raise buyer’s trust, we ask our providers to verify their identity. Our verification process is very simple. You can also delete your account whenever you feel you no longer need Lexdot.


Your success as a provider relies on your ability to market yourself. Create a robust profile; one that will attract new business to you. Your headline should get straight to the point. Don’t forget your experience and problem solving skills in your description, Upload a professional photo. Your whole profile content needs to do an incredible job at selling your services and winning new clients.


If you subscribe to our pro membership plan, you get to keep all your earnings on No transaction fee or commission is deducted from any money earned from tasks performed here as long as your membership remains current. See our Membership Plans for more information.


To ensure that each party lives up to his side of the bargain, the payment isn’t released to the providers until the client is reasonably satisfied with your service. Providers are encouraged to aim for positive ratings. A high positive feedback augments buyers’ confidence. A good indication of work quality is if a provider is rehired by an employer. Unless exceptional circumstances exist, we may consider a request for a full refund if a task is not received within the delivery time promised by the provider. Once your task is completed, delivered and confirmed by the client, your fund is released to you fast.


If you’re using as a client or small business, all that you need to do after signing up is to you simply post a project to begin. Signing up is free and buying is effortless. You’ll then need to enter the project title, project details, skills you require for all applicants, in addition to pricing options. You will also be able to attach files relevant to your project at this time.

When you’re ready to post your task, you may have the option to further promote your listing. Clients on the site can also be proactive and browse through providers. which can be filtered by skill categories, after which they can be contacted directly and invited to place a bid.


After your project has been submitted, you’ll begin receiving proposals from providers who would like to work on task. At this point you can review their qualifications by analysing their portfolio and work history, overall rating and skill sets. The hiring process is very personalized and is completely based on your judgement and discretion.


Describe the job as much as possible and give the necessary tools to the provider as agreed to make it best for him/her to perform to the best of his/her ability. When necessary attach documents, but be careful and always use common sense and good critical judgment when dealing with your private information. As much as we want to trust our providers, we cannot vouch for anybody.


Once you’re happy with the work done by the provider, approve the job and let us know. The provider’s fund will be released to him/her.


Once your chosen freelance provider has been hired, work will begin. If your project or task is based on a fixed price, you will generally pay the provider only after work has been completed. Once the task has been completed to your satisfaction, you’ll be able to provide feedback to the providers, as well as to rate their performance. Client review is an integral part of Lexdot and we take it as seriously as a personal recommendation. Lexdot reviews work like any other online review system. Clients leave star rated reviews for their services received. The reviews are made public, so must be done cautiously.


Lexdot Network is a level playing field for freelancers. Freelancers are self-employed workers who usually work from home, and work for a number of different clients on different tasks. We attempt to verify freelancers’ identity before we let them start working on a task, but ultimately the choice of a freelancer lies on the client. The tasks on are posted by multiple third parties. Lexdot owns neither the inventory nor provide the services. Clients may base their choice of on qualifications, experience and knowledge. You can find any of the services or provider you need by browsing the different categories, or by using Lexdot’s search engine and filters to find a specific service or provider. Please note that certain services are regulated by local laws. For example, they may be prohibited as unauthorized practice of law when provided by a nonlawyer.