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A Getting Quotes for Your Project

It is free to sign up and get started by telling us about your business or personal legal needs. Describe your project briefly and upload documents. You may also give an estimated completion time and budget. This will make is easy to receive tailored quotes from providers who would like to work on the project. You also have the option to browse through the Providers’ profiles and invite quotes from your favourite practitioners.

B Collaborating with Your Provider

The hiring process is very personalized and is completely based on your judgement and discretion. Work together with your Provider to create an Agreement and possible milestones. Describe the job as much as possible to the practitioner, providing the necessary information and tools as agreed to enable ultimate performance. As soon as your project is completed to your satisfaction, approve the job and let us know.

Collaborate with your provider
C Project Delivery & Review

Lexdot has an optional free tool to manage on-going projects, but performance and delivery is exclusively between you and your Provider. So, it’s private, safe & secure. We want to make sure that you get the high-quality final work product you paid for. When the task has been completed to your satisfaction, we would like you to provide feedback to the Provider for the services received. Client review is an integral part of Lexdot; you can always return to your favourite Provider anytime. We work hard to satisfy because client retention is very important to us.

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A Joining Our Cloud Pool

It is free to join our pool of legal professionals and build your brand by getting in front of clients searching for Legal Services Providers that match your expertise. Professional services are increasingly moving online and Lexdot is a reliable platform to begin. Our providers are independent contractors. As a provider on Lexdot, you can send proposals for the posted projects or be invited by clients to submit a quote on their projects.

B Profile & Management

Create your professional profile. Your success as a freelancer relies on your ability to market yourself. Your whole profile content needs to do a good job at selling your services and winning new clients. You are 100% in control of your client’s day-to-day needs and quality check of the delivery. The greater the success you have on projects, the more likely you are to establish repeat relationships with clients. Lexdot provides free access to our optional document collaboration software.

Qualified Attorneys
C Performance & Earnings

We ask our clients to deposits credit to account to fund the project implementation. This guarantees that our Providers a focus on their services knowing that they’ll get paid for the work that they successfully complete. We charge 9% commission on jobs completed and paid for. However, if you subscribe to our pro-membership plans, no transaction fee or commission is deducted from money earned here as long as your membership remains current.


Lexdot is a level playing field for freelancers and the world’s fastest growing online legal marketplace. Our freelancers are self-employed legal practitioners from multiple jurisdictions who usually work for a number of diverse clients on different projects. We verify our professionals, but Lexdot is not a law firm, neither do we provide the services. Our platform facilitates direct access to clients from all over the world.

Clients may base their choice of Providers on qualifications, experience and knowledge. You can find Provider of your choice by browsing the different skill categories, or by using Lexdot’s search engine to find a specific Legal Service Provider.