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Lexdot offers simple law related products from providers that are packaged to meet the immediate needs of users. These products come by way of goods and services. The good may be something as simple as a legal document or a law book. Any tangible law related item could be marketed on Lexdot. This would consist a long list of items that the public need help with. Services on the other hand can range from finding a representation, help with small claims court to complex legal tasks. On Lexdot, you are free to run your own business and the services and goods you sell on your Dotstore.


Lexdot also provides law firms and the public with alternative choices for their legal needs. It connects freelance or contract lawyers and non-attorney legal professionals seeking to work for a law firms or on user-submitted projects under a fixed-price contract. There ae fixed-price offers of legal services from solo-attorneys, contract lawyers, appearance attorneys, solicitors, paralegals, notaries-public, LDAs, virtual bookkeepers, court reporters, language translators, conveyancers, commercial managers, negotiators, mediators, transcribers, legal writers, legal secretaries, law researchers, technology support providers, web developers, expert witnesses, digital freelancers and other Law-related service providers offering their services and products under a fixed-price contract rather than charging by the hour.


Items on Lexdot are simple law related products and non-traditional legal services that are packaged to meet the immediate need of the consumers. Freelancers and providers clearly list services and goods with asking prices at the time of the listing. Buyers have the option to compare the products and prices and may contact the seller for more information or clarification. interested buyers have the choice to purchase the items as listed or request a customized service or product. This arrangement is made between both parties, with the freedom and flexibility to control when, where, and how it’s done. There’s direct communication between both parties in the process to ensure that everyone is happy.


Lexdot Network is a level playing field for easy access to legal help online. The listed products, which include cross-border services and goods from professionals and freelancers are provided by multiple third parties. Lexdot owns neither the inventory nor provide the services. You can find any of the products or services you need by browsing the different categories, or by using Lexdot’s search engine and filters to find a specific service or provider. Please note that certain services are regulated by local laws. For example, they may be prohibited as unauthorized practice of law when provided by a nonlawyer.

Signing up as a provider is free. Legal professionals, freelancers and individuals with special skills may sell law related services. There’s no upfront cost or fee. Offering a fixed-price on a task may help to generate leads or get prospective clients that could also benefit from your services off line. You are allowed to list unlimited products. Create and manage your dotstore, add any law related material or a defined legal service that you are licensed, qualified or skilled to perform at a fixed price. To keep the platform safe for everyone and raise buyer’s trust, we ask our providers to verify their identity. Our verification process is very simple. You can also delete your account whenever you feel you no longer need Lexdot.

Some services may not be depicted pictorially, so we demand that providers give as much details and description of the service or good they offer as possible. If you want to position your business for success and avoid customer charge-backs, we recommend that you describe your products and conditions adequately. Customers may also enquire about an item before purchase. Sometimes, messaging between a provider and a buyer may necessary to provide a clearer picture of both parties’ expectations.

To ensure that all parties live up to their side of the bargain, the payment isn’t released to the seller until buyer confirms receipt of the purchase or service. You will only be asked to ship the order after we confirm payment is received. We ask the providers to state an Estimated Time of Delivery (ETD}. Unless exceptional circumstances exist, we will consider a request for a full refund if an order is not received within the delivery time promised by the provider.

You do not have to sign up to browse, but eventually you’ll have open an account to conclude a purchase on Lexdot. Signing up is free and buying is effortless. Search or click on a listing for more information, pay particular attention to the description and visit the provider’s page for further details. If you have questions or need clarifications, please use the enquiry link to contact the listing party before placing your order. When you feel you’ve found what serves your purpose, proceed to place your order. We strive to make your experience, so contact us if you have to.

Legal products sold on Lexdot include law related service, good and other miscellaneous items deemed to have somewhat relationship with the legal industry. Providers set a definitive price on the service or good they offer, and items are sold as described. Please read the item description very carefully. You can contact the listing party to enquire about an item before purchase. This is recommended. In many instances, communication between provider and buyer may to provide a clearer picture of both parties’ expectations.

Customer review is an integral part of Lexdot and we take it as seriously as a personal recommendation. Providers are encouraged to aim for positive ratings. A high positive feedback augments buyers’ confidence. Lexdot reviews work like any other online review system. Buyers leave star rated reviews for their purchases after receiving it. The reviews are public so must be done cautiously. Anonymous review is not allowed, otherwise it defeats the purpose.

Lexdot is FREE for users, law firms seeking services and freelance legal services providers. Contact us if you interested in partnering with Lexdot or

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