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It’s free to join Lexdot as a provider. Trusted by individuals and businesses as the trailblazer for alternative legal services, Lexdot is an evolving platform that makes access to legal services informal and seamless. It is designed exclusively for a select few lega services providers who are willing to adapt to innovation in technology to transform the legal industry. Lexdot providers enjoy the freedom to pursue their passion, the flexibility of when to do it, and the control of how best to do it.


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Join now and enjoy the freedom to do it on your own terms. Whether you wish to work out of a coffee shop on a particular day or stay in bed, freelancing offers a lot of freedom and flexibility. Lexdot makes it even easier to build a network and grow your freelance business. Sign up for free, create a profile and market your skills and expertise. We only demand that you remain efficient and timely. Your dedicated Lexdot team will help eliminate the physical distance between you and your clients.

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The legal industry has resisted innovation for many decades, clinging strongly to the long-held practice of hourly billing. With the combination of technology and specialization today any legal process can be broken down and performed more efficiently outside law offices. Alternative legal services involve the provision of one or more services that law firms would traditionally offer, but often at a lower cost or with other advantages, including increased expertise, flexibility, and speed. Some of these services are:

  • Attorneys
  • Solicitors
  • Paralegals
  • Document Assistants
  • Legal Researchers
  • Contract Managers
  • IP Managers
  • Legal Consultants
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Legal Writers

…Collaborating to improve access to legal services.

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It’s easy to join and become Lexdot provider today. Expand your client base and reap the benefits that go beyond being a freelancer and part of legal technology solutions.


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