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Tony Ameer 

Financial Regulation & Compliance

Location: Argentina Category: Lawyer Member since Aug 2018 Focus Areas: Criminal LawImmigration lawIntellectual Property Lawlegal contractsLegal ResearchLegal WritingWills

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Excellence is an ongoing pursuit and one that calls an individual toward consistent performance in order to form the habit of excellence. I have a sincere desire to serve the common good. As such, presently, I am a Juris Doctorate candidate with years of experience assisting in associated legal services. I have always enjoyed reading and writing and often find myself emulating the style of great authors for the simple joy of it. I am not yet so secluded, however, and I do enjoy other spectacles. Still, I have spent years reading the Great Books of Western and Eastern Civilization and found my purpose in helping others. I believe the best way to do such is through the very vehicle designed to better society: the law. For myself, research is analogous to a sort of "challenge." In legal research, the challenge is particularly interesting, because when done properly there is a pattern and the research cycles through until at last one is left with the proper pieces fitting together like a puzzle. Legal writing is inherently difficult at times, yet I found it to be my niche; it is like learning a new language and I have embraced it as my calling. Personally, I have traveled to study at the Vatican; when in Rome, I did as the Romans do. I have perused the streets of Paris, traveled to historied places throughout Europe and the Americas, and despite years of already formative experiences, I opened myself up and allowed myself...


B.A.L.L.B (Hons) L.L.M


I have a very strong knowledge to prepare terms & conditions for companies and contracts negotiations with parties bearing in mind employment and company law compliance having work experience in employment law Tribunal in the UK


English, Hindu


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